• Astral 02CD
  • Released: June 2005

Tracks: Spoken Word
Info: All compositions Paul Simpson © 2000 Paul Simpson
Recorded at the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts
Recorded and engineered by Gordon Ross

I’m attending a dinner party hosted by a powerful occult magician. I watch in silence as a man in a sharkskin suit pours luminous, multicoloured shapes from an aluminium flask onto the surface of a glass table. It’s Psychic Cocaine, the fabulous new drug I’ve heard so much about lately. Swallowing my share I grit my teeth as I feel it crackling through my veins and toward my heart like electricity. Now I’m playing with a magical Chinese chromed ball that jumps from my hands and floats to the ceiling. A beautiful girl appears, naked save for a pair of calf-length, kitten-heeled ‘fuck me’ boots and a black velvet pussycat mask. She takes my hand and leads me into a bedroom with shimmering walls. As I lay down upon the bed she climbs astride me.
“Paul, do you want a 99er, a Fab, a Kinky or a Zoom?”