• Astral 01CD
  • Released: June 2005

1. Skyray Is Love 3:37
2. Infectious Propulsion 4:32
3. The Sleep Clinic 3:20
4. Solarisation 2:47
5. The Acid Mantle 3:19
6. Salon de Mars 3:28
7. I Am Not Your Servant 4:11
8. Brainwaves 3:31
9. The Mad Queen’s Orchestra 1:39
10.Seduce, Bewitch, Destroy 3:54
11.Sleepydust 3:00
12.The Way Out Forever Pattern 3:52

Info: All songs written by Paul Simpson (Copyright Control 2001)
Produced by Henry Priestman at The Gossamer Dome, Ynys Mon and mastered by Mike Cross at Ten Pin Alley

Paul Simpson: high altitude guitars/deep trench bass/ Solarisation and Infectious melody pianos/Omnichord/vocals/ winged-helmet.
John Lawrence: beautified and submerged pedal-steel
William Sergeant: Bewitched-Servant guitars/Way Out Forever Keys.
Henry Priestman: Mad Queen Marshmellotron /Infectious rhythm pianos/B.V.s/smashed cup
Alan Holmes: amplified meteorite
Thorkel Styrbjorn: jarl bones/loadstone

Skyray Is Love contains an excerpt from Montage From How Sweet It Is by Jefferson
Sleeve artwork: Steve Hardstaff/Paul from a boot sale biscuit tin courtesy of Mike Badger.
Liquid Crystal Display realised by Professor Colin Fallows.
Skyray ground crew: Mike Ward, Mike Cross, Mitch Poole and Russ Sanders.

Sleeve Notes : Liquid Crystal Display is the lost Skyray album.
Let me explain: After the wide-screen psychotropics of 1999’s Mind Lagoons I was faced with the problem of where to go after a concept album.. Head further out into the double-album excesses of the 70’s or streamline and refocus? I knew I had to get back to a cooler climate fast so, recruiting a few left-brain musician friends and booking studio time on Anglesey I thought recording would be simplicity itself. I abandond work on these sessions three times before the fog lifted and a luminious album appeared. Recorded in three five-day sessions spread out over three years Liquid Crystal Display may have had a troubled birth but it now sounds like Skyray’s most playful and ingenious child. A chance encounter with the Northern Lights while wintering in the Highlands of Scotland christened it for me. Liquid Crystal display – the lost Skyray album

Paul Simpson Liverpool – England . January 2005.